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Identity Verification Form
Identity Verification Form.pdf (.pdf, 161K)


Steps to reset your password:

1.  To reset your password use the Password Management Option .

2.  If you cannot remember your security questions, visit the Technology Help Desk or Student Services with a valid photo ID to have your password reset.

3.  If you cannot remember your security questions and cannot make it to the Campus, fill out the Identity Verification Form and fax it to the number provided on the form with one of the proofs of identification listed within the form.  Once the form is received and your identity has been confirmed, your password will be set back to the default password (MMDDYYYY).  The Identity Verification Form should only be used if steps 1 and 2 have been tried.

** Dual Credit Instructors must contact Technology Services 817-598-6364 during campus hours to get your password updated every time your password expire.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.